Land Use & Zoning Consultation
Site Development in the State of New Jersey is complicated. Municipal Zoning Constraints, County, and State regulations are in place to limit new development. OnelloECS can advise you on what can be done with your property and the required permits to complete your project.
Property Development Study
You own a parcel of land, and you want to know its potential development worth. A Property Development Evaluation with an Expert Analysis will provide you with the information you need. We outline existing deficiencies to current zoning ordinance constraints and required variances. Advice on Property Easements, existing and proposed, and how they affect your property and your project. We can also help you to obtain an easement on an adjacent property for Driveway Access, Drainage, and Utilities.

Moving your project forwards.
Expert testimony for your applications before the Planning Board and Zoning Boards of Adjustment. We work in direct coordination with your land-use attorney, and we can also recommend an excellent attorney whom best suits your project. In commercial development, parking stall count controls buildable space. We can help you find the right balance for your facility requirements and address any variances.
Environmental Impacts
Environmental laws are in place. If you have a water-course and/or wetlands on or near your property, this will create constraints for even the smallest of additions and have an even greater impact on new development. With the delineation of environmental constraints from water-course and wetlands buffers, we can advise you on impacts and the required permits to carry out your project.

Development Concerns
Is adjacent property construction affecting your property? We can investigate your concerns. Is your property is being re-zoned? This can either benefit you or have a detriment. We can advise you on your options. Just because your property and/or business has been grand-fathered in a certain zone, this does not mean you can do what you will. We can help you with your building addition and property improvements. All else, do not hesitate to ask. Consulting a Civil Engineer can significantly help to maximize your development benefits.

OnelloECS provides a broad range of services, chances are we can help.
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